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So Cena/Lesnar……Yeah


Sunday is upon once more which means it’s time for another riveting edition of Tea Time with Liam. As always I come to you from the tiny Island know as the United Kingdom. Nothing really else much to say. Lets get into the column.

I was originally planning on writing this column before Raw took place last week. I wanted to share thoughts about the outcome of the Cena/Lesnar match from Extreme Rules. As I sat down to write. I started to thing that maybe it was the best to hold out until after Raw had aired, just so I could gain the full perspective on the Cena/Lesnar situation. At the time I didn’t know what was planned or if the feud would be continuing past Extreme Rules. I wanted to write my final opinion on the feud. I felt that holding off and waiting for Raw would be the best idea. Oh, how wrong was I? Today, my task is to talk about what the Cena/Lesnar feud has really achieved. Has it actually achieved anything or was it just another feud to keep two wresters busy for a month.

When Brock Lesnar returned, even though almost everyone in the arena knew it was happening and the majority of the IWC knew he was coming. There was a collective buzz when his music hit. One of the biggest pops I’ve heard in a long time, with possibly an exception to The Rock. Brock immediately signalled his intentions by giving Cena an F-5. The build up to the match at Extreme Rules was good. We had the mass brawl where Cena’s mouth was bust. We had the awesome video package on Lesnar that was shown at the UK Raw taping. Probably one of the best video promo I’ve seen. Even thought it did go down the MMA route, it fits in with Brock’s personality and I think that suits him a lot more when he is speaking. We had an appearance by Edge too. Who gave Cena a passionate speech. Trying to get some fight and heart back into Cena.

I was really looking forward to the match. Brock had dominated Cena all month so I was anticipating how Cena would react when he was finally able to get his hands on Brock. The match wasn’t disappointing. It was actually one of the most strangely unique matches I’ve ever watched. Everything Brock did from his attire to his moves gave the match a kind of MMA vs. WWE type feel. From the start it was noticeable that Brock was going down the MMA style while Cena would be going down the “wrestling” route. For the match. It was basically fifteen minutes of Brock destroying Cena. At the time. I thought this was going to end up with some type of injury to Cena. We’ve seen him take beatings before but the pain that Brock inflicted gave the match such a real feeling I felt he would win and perhaps Cena would be taking some time off.

Then comes the point of the match when I no longer how things are going. Cena has been bust open for a long time. If I remember correctly it happened in the first minute. From the bell, Everything is Brock. From bleeding, to being locked in the Kimura, to being chained at the legs, hanging from the ring post. Then it finally happened. The resurgence of “Super” Cena. Now I’m not hating on Cena but this is the thing that most of his detractors hate him for. He gets his butt whipped for the whole match, then wins with a minimal amount of moves. Now the finish was good, The chain to the head then the AA onto the steel steps.

Then the match is over and I think. WWE has spent the last month building up this returning monster. Even calling him the “new face” of the WWE at one point. This man who returned home from the UFC, this freak of nature that made John Cena his first target. The man who was able to get one over on Cena just about every opportunity he had. The man who dared put his hands on a backstage interviewer who was simply doing his job. A man who for fifteen minutes, systematically tears John Cena apart. You do all that, just to have Cena win.

Now I often say this. As a fan. I don’t like to question the booking decisions by WWE. But on this occasion I did question it. I thought that WWE have spent the past month building him up. You’ve just about killed all the momentum that he had gained. If Brock was still this dominant individual who took pleasure in causing pain. He had to win that match. Even if that did mean Cena losing at two pay per views in a row. I wont lie. When the match ended I was annoyed as well as frustrated. Probably the most frustrated I’ve been after watching a pay per view and believe me, there’s been time in the past when I’ve been annoyed with the WWE.

But eventually, I calmed down. Then, just from looking on Twitter I happened to see something which immediately caught my attention. Somebody had tweeted that they thought that having Cena win was WWE’s way of saying that they are better than the UFC. Honestly, I really hope that wasn’t the intention of WWE. That would be such a petty and trivial thing to do. To build up a match just to say your better than the competition. What could WWE brag about. “Hey we’re WWE and we have predetermined fights. Our face just beat your ex heavyweight champ in a predetermined fight.” That would just be such a stupid thing for the WWE to even consider. WWE should not even concern themselves with the WWE. All they should be doing is concentrating on their own product. I sincerely hope that this wasn’t a ploy to crap on the UFC. If it was, all I can say is shame on you Vince for being a petty man.

Now after the match. We had a speech from Cena. It felt like it was one of those impromptu promos that usually happens after a PPV airs which can usually be found on You Tube . Cena was talking about possibly taking time off, being injured or even being fired. Now the words he used were the words that actually made me wait to write this column. The promo just seemed so random I wasn’t sure as to what was going on. I didn’t know if Cena was injured, or perhaps had even got in trouble backstage which means you’ll be taking time off. It was something that really got me pumped for Raw to see if we got any clarification on what Cena was saying.

The Raw aired. And after the first segment. Cena and Lesnar had already been pretty much forgotten about. It seems that the seeds have been planted for Brock Lesnar versus Triple H. As for Cena. He goes from talking about taking time off. Within twenty four hours, his next pay per view match has already been announced. Needless to say I was even more confused after watching Raw. You take such a battering., make a speech about having to take time off, then you pretty much ignore what you said, without any explanation given and your suddenly brought into a feud with John Laurinaitis.

So then I had another think. Was Cena’s promo after Extreme Rules just a ploy to get people to tune into Raw the following night. That actually a very clever thing to do. Within minutes of the pay per view finishing. News websites were already reporting possible reasons for Cena taking time off. Twitter was buzzing with the news. Some people even calling it a retirement speech. People were talking about the show which is the one thing WWE wants the fans to do. But, when the viewers started watching, they didn’t get the answers they were seeking.

We have Brock “break” the arm of HHH and be escorted of the building. Now we have talk of having Brock versus HHH at SummerSlam which possibly means not having Brock on television for the next two and a half months. We all know that he is only scheduled for a certain number of dates. So we have Brock return, look dominant, then lose his first match back, killing the momentum he had, then go on to injure HHH and now possibly wont be seen for the next two months. While Cena, who took a huge beating, moves on to his next feud.

One thing I thought. Something I think WWE has been trying to do for some time now is to create sympathy for the Cena character. Although he got booed during his entrance at Extreme Rules. When the beat down was occurring, I did notice a lot more cheers than he usually gets. And after the speech he gave. He did receive a lot of praise from the whole audience. Has the loss to The Rock and the treatment from Lesnar created this newfound sympathy for John Cena? Maybe WWE’s way of attempting to get some of the older fans on Cena’s side. Because these older fans will have remembered how Lesnar left the company and realise that Cena remained loyal by toughening up and sticking with WWE. They look at Cena’s last two opponents who are two guys that packed up and left, the we have Cena who has remained with WWE since the day he signed.

Like always, these are just my opinions. I could be writing a load of crap in your eyes, but I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ll let me know your thoughts. Once thing I don’t want to happen is for everything to go back to square one. Have Cena get his butt whipped. Then have transform into “super” Cena and magically win the match. Doing that time and time again will not create sympathy. That is the thing that makes the older fans get on his back and ride the hate wagon. Maybe people wouldn’t have cared about the Extreme Rules match result if it had been a good solid back and forward match instead of Lesnar domination then a Cena comeback. They just don’t like the fact that he reverted back to the Cena that was pulling this comeback in 2008. Now I understand that the comeback is what the kids love about Cena. He is their hero who always manages to comeback. The children now are the future fans of tomorrow who in turn will have kids of their own who may watch WWE. But you have to cater to the older fans to who are a lot smarter than the children who don’t want to see the same routine every month.

I don’t want Cena/Lesnar to be remembered as a throw away feud. But if Brock is gone for the next few months and with Cena turning his attention to Laurinaitis. It looks like it will be remembered as a throw away feud. I don’t know what the future holds for them both. I hope that they do meet again sometime and have another match. Brock needs to hang with the big stars if he is to be kept hot and he needs to be beating these stars to look dominant as he once was. If Lesnar is only going to be around for a year and is only having a set number of days. WWE needs to utilise every Lesnar moment they can.

Time for the plugs.

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