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Here Comes the Pain……Again


By Josh Bennett

Last Monday we all saw the return of Brock Lesnar, who after spending a mere two years on television left the WWE for eight years, pursuing the NFL, wrestling in Japan, and the UFC among other things. For only being in the WWE spotlight for two years, he sure made a good enough impact for people to remember him eight years later, in a segment that will be one of the top-5 moments of the WWE year. Sure it’s not like he disappeared for that time, being Dana White’s main attraction in UFC for a few years, but it will be very interesting to see how well he shakes off his ring rust.

First things first. When Lesnar first debuted in the WWE, he beat down numerous men in the ring, while being managed by his mouthpiece Paul Heyman. For the first portion of his televised wrestling career, he hid his weak mic skills behind Heyman, and got his work done in the ring. As his career progressed, Heyman left the company and Lesnar was left on his own, flopping from heel to face and back to heel trying to get over on his own. While he did succeed in that, due to his sheer presence alone, he always lacked on the stick. Today’s WWE product seems to revolve around promos and talking, especially when hyping a marquee match like those that took place at Wrestlemania. In the buildup, you saw no physical contact between HHH, and The Undertaker and no physical contact between The Rock and John Cena during the last month of their build.

When The Rock came back, he came back, played the crowd and cut a near 20 minute promo, because that’s what he’s known for. When Lesnar came back, he played the crowd himself, then hit the F5 on John Cena, and played the crowd some more. Now this Monday on Raw, will be the key moment in Lesnar’s return. While we all know that he’s cemented in the main event scene for the next year barring injury, thanks to his contract, which requires him to attend a minimum of two shows a month up to Wrestlemania 29, this attack on Cena, this comback moment that he left us last week, needs some sort of drive or passion behind it to kickstart his return and to make sure it doesn’t fizzle out in the same way Chris Jericho’s return seemed to do earlier this year.

This Monday, Lesnar is basically expected to cut some sort of good promo explaining his return. If creative is smart, and sometimes they’ve proven that they can be, and cannot be, he will close Raw with promo time. That makes me nervous as a wrestling fan, from expecting creative to not drop the ball, and on Lesnar delivering a memorable promo. Sure it would be funny if he continued to F5 Cena week after week and not say a word about it, but that will grow old after a while and he will become a half-reaction guy just like Cena, with kids booing him and marks cheering him. Lesnar needs to cut his best promo, possibly the promo of his career, on Raw, or he may risk losing momentum, especially if Cena retaliates in the same segment, and obliterates him verbally, as he is capable of doing when allowed to. While some of you reading may think that he isn’t that bad on the microphone, look back at his short career and think of his top moments. Those consist of botching the Shooting Star Press at Wrestlemania XIX, blowing up the ring while Superplexing Big Show, and beating The Rock at Summerslam for his first WWE Championship. All of those moments came inside of the ring. Do you remember any promo he cut in the past? Not a promo Paul Heyman cut for him, but a promo he cut himself. I sure don’t. While Lesnar is currently without disposition, although the fans will immediately make him a face based on returning and attacking Cena, this Monday will pave the path for Lesnar’s next year in the company, and he desperately needs to deliver and give fans a moment they will never forget form him, from him talking. However, he is capable of doing so. If you look back at his UFC career, one of his famous moments was his infamous interview with Joe Rogan post fight after his successful UFC Heavyweight Championship unification over Frank Mir at UFC 100 back in 2009, talking about drinking Coors Light because Bud Light doesn’t pay him enough, and going to the hotel to basically fuck his wife Sable, saying he was going to “get on top of her”, as well as flipping off the fans and embracing the shower of boos the Las Vegas crowd gave to him. We know he can cut a dick promo, but can he mix that mentality of making people remember what he says with the WWE monster character?

Now here’s what I’m expecting from Lesnar. I expect him to come out on Monday and cut a halfway decent promo, explaining why he randomly returned to the WWE and immediately attacked John Cena and kicked his stupid green hat. I expect Lesnar to replace The Rock as the guest attraction superstar for the time being, until Rocky comes back once again, and I expect this Lesnar/Cena feud to last quite a few months, while CM Punk defends his WWE Championship against Chris Jericho and possibly one other guy. As much as I do not want to see a quick trilogy of Lesnar/Cena over three of the most unimportant PPVs of the schedule in Extreme Rules, Over The Limit and the revolving door of names that is WWE Wrestling PPV in June, coupled with Cena possibly getting a decision over Lesnar, so quickly from his return, that is what will probably happen, for the reason I previously stated. They will use this feud to boost the buyrates for these generally weak PPVs. What I wish would happen is that Lesnar “takes out” Cena in the final matchup, giving him a much needed rest over the Summer, and he moves onto CM Punk for the title, culminating in the Summerslam Main Event of Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. I would definitely want to watch that. Hell, remake Lesnar into an unstoppable force and have him win here, and hold the belt until Wrestlemania 29. Feed him some midcard-upper midcard guys in the process too. While these guys would obviously not go over, it gives them that much needed Main Event rub, and opportunity in the spotlight, in where they can try to shine in and out of the ring. If they succeed, reward them in the future. If they fail, then they don’t belong there at this time. And with the momentum from the Cena feud, he will more than likely get cheered by the crowd and will end up being booked as a face. And while his strength is being a heel, booking him as a monster face means the WWE can put him against both face and heel opponents, meaning more prospects can be tested against him. Come Royal Rumble, have The Rock return as a surprise entrant, win the match and face off against the massive roll of Brock Lesnar for the title for the second time, which is currently rumored, and away we go with next year’s Road to Wrestlemania. Will any of that happen in reality? Probably not, but if Brock Lesnar, or more importantly, if the WWE wants Lesnar to succeed in the next year, it all boils down to what Lesnar will do on Raw on Monday. If he nails it and cuts the best promo of his career, which I think he will, then this next year of WWE programming should be very fun and very entertaining to watch.

Thanks for reading my second promo submitted for Liam Hindmarsh’s blog, and thanks to Liam for posting this. You can contact me at


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