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Wrestlemania Predictions


Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

First of all, I would like to say that along with the other “main event” matches on the card, I do wish that this match could of benefited from a little extra TV time to build it up. I don’t want this match to become an afterthought. Remember that these two were bumped from the card last year aswell. In think the fact that within a year, they’ve gone from being bumped from the card to feuding for the world heavyweight championship shows how much both guys have improved. I’ve got a little feeling inside me that thinks that this will open the show. Sheamus won the rumble, we know he’s not main eventing but this match derserves to have a higher spot on the card.

Daniel Bryan is awesome right now. I love everything about him. He works this chicken shit arrogant heel perfectly. Even his work with AJ is good, the way he kind of manipulates her is fantastic. Bryan has came on leaps and bounds since last year. The heel turn was perfect for him. Sheamus has improved too. The transition from heel to face has worked well for him and he’s probably the number two face on Smackdown behind Orton. I think this can be a very enjoyable match if given time to develop. Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the world and Sheamus is improving week on week. It took me a while to decide on this but I’m going to go for Sheamus to beat Bryan

Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion – Sheamus

Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

Now i’m just going to come out and say this. I’ve never really been a fan of The Big Show. I know some people love him but for me it’s like he’s kind of there but I don’t care. I never really took an interest in him or saw him as great or good. He’s just someone who plods along, sometimes getting a high profile gug but would then move back to the mid card. As for Cody Rhodes. His stock is rising day by day. Ever since the “dashing” gimmick, I’ve been a huge fan of Cody’s. When Legacy split, people expected Cody would be the one to falter but he stepped up his game and made himself into very good singles wrestler. I think Cody is on that virtual border line that seperates mid card from upper card and can maybe see a world title run for him towards the end of this year. With that being said. Cody should win this. I don’t think Big Show needs it. He’s had the belt for a while now and in a time when WWE likes to pass around belts like hot potatoes, he’s bringing some credibility back to the intercontinental title which has been lost in recent years.

The match can be decent. I’m sure Big show will get his power moves in there. Give them ten minutes and let Cody showcase his talent to the world. Big Show will flounder in the mid card for a few more year but Cody’s stock will continue to rise.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion – Cody Rhodes

Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny

It’s sad that this match has gained more attention than the world title match. With that being said. I think it’s time Teddy Long said goodbue to his pointless role as GM of Smackdown, leaving him and Aksana time to sail of into the sunset. I may have paid more attention to this match if Christian was still part of it but I’m just not that interested. I fell bad for The Miz. A year after main eventing, he’s put into a GM tag team match. My only hope is that team Johnny wins and somebody like Miz or Mcintyre gets the victory giving them some kind of momemtum going into the second quater of the year. As long as team Johnny wins i’ll be happy. Keep the match short, keep the comedy to a minimum and lets get on with the show

Winner – Team Johnny

Kane vs. Randy Orton

Right now, I fear for Kane. He started out his feud with Cena looking like the Kane we remember. he was dominant. He was crazy but we loved him for it. But then he lost. I don’t want to see Kane be like Big Show. Where he will come up to the main card once in a while, look strong, then lose. The get bumped back to the mid card, waiting to be called up again so he can lose, thus the cycle continues. Obviously Randy Orton is much younger. He has much more of a career ahead of him than Kane does. It should be a decent match. I’m quietly looking forward to it. Orton can have a good match with just about anybody and like Kane, they both have a lot of experience with Wrestlemania, so they know what needs to be done. A lot of matches on this card are like heart and head moments for me. This is one of them. My heart wants Kane to win this but my head is saying that Orton has it. I’d love for Kane to win just to give him a little spark. If Orton wins that would be two feuds in a row that Kane has lost. I’d hate for that to happen. After much thought. I’m going to give the win to Orton.

Winner – Randy Orton

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Now, we are really getting into the stuff that is going to make this Wrestlemania great. I try not to raise my hopes too much but this match should be fantastic. WWE has did a decent job of keeping them away from each other and over the last few weeks we’ve seen Jericho turn the screw, bringing up Punk’s family memebers, trying to make it personal. Then we see Raw this week when Punk lost it and basically killed Christian. I love the face that Christian and Jericho are both Canadian. It’s like Punk saying. This is you Jericho, this is what will happen to you. The longer this match goes, the better it will be. I do hope that they get at least twenty minutes to do this. The match is made for them. They both proclaim to be the best in the world. We get to see who is the best on Sunday. The thing about this match is, I don’t care who wins. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It just means that I think both guys are fantastic in what they do. Along with the other main events, this is truly a match that you want to see on the card.

What I love more than ever is that this will be a wrestling match in a sports entertainment environment. We’ll probably see things that we rarely see in WWE. Technical elements that both guys bring to the table. Yes we can get the fast paced action but when it slows I want to see those holds, reversing into a hold of your own. These two can actually wrestle and I want them to showcase wrestling on Sunday. Now as for the pick. Since I’ve put Sheamus winning the world title and I don’t think both belts wil change hands. I’m going for Punk to win in what will be an excellent match.

Winner and still WWE Champion – CM Punk

Triple H vs. Undertaker

HHH verus Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell with Shawn Micheals as the referee. Just typing that last sentence, sums up everything you need to know about this match. We have three individuals here. We have HHH, who came so close last year. A man who wants to bury The Undertaker and his streak. We have The Undertaker. The legend.who is 19-0. A warrior, who will fight to the end to preserve the streak that he has built. We have Micheals, who is the X factor in this match. The referee who basically holds the future of both men in his hands. The questions are all ready out there. Will Shawn call it down the middle? Will he help HHH end the streak? Or maybe he thinks if he couldn’t beat the streak then nobody can. Is he going to help Undertaker win?

What I love about this story is the fact that it’s consisted of long term planning. Even after last year, rumors began as to who would face Undertaker and the strong favorite was HHH. At Wrestlemania 27, HHH wanted revenge on Undertaker for retiring HBK. With the inclusion of HBK, this story ties back to Wrestlemania 26. Now I’m not claiming that this has been planned for two years because honestly I don’t know. Maybe it just feels that way because the issues with HBK/HHH/Undertaker aren’t just about the streak. The focal point is the streak but we also have the “end of an era” deal going in which gives the story that little bit extra intensity that it may of lacked last year. Like I said earlier. This match will be amazing. It has all the ingredients needed for an awesome match. Two awesome wrestlers going at it in a cell with a referee with a good enough motive to screw both of them. I just get the feeling something spectacular is going to happen.

Three men with Hell in a Cell experience. Three men with countless Wrestlemania experience. Undertaker wins in what will be an awesome match that will probably het about thirty minutes.

Winner – The Undertaker.

Kelly Kelly & Maria Menounos vs. Eve & Beth Phoenix

Nothing can make me excited for this match. I’d rather watch Beth do laps of the ring. Divas divison is terrible and with the sad loss of Kharma’s child, it doesn’t look like it will improve anytime soon. The “celebrity” and Kelly will win. It will soon be forgotten and never remembered.

Winners – Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos.

The Rock vs. John Cena

This is it. A match one year in the making. Once in a lifetime. Two eras colliding. This will be the match the majority of people watching will be waiting for. The Rock returning to Miami to face John Cena. The current face of the WWE takes on one of the faces from the attitude era. The build up has been good for the most part. Yes it’s been cheesey at times but with The Rock and Cena you’ve come to expect that. It’s certainly been better that The Rock has been on every Raw over the last month so him and Cena have had that chance to interact with one another. I felt their promo on raw this week was really well done. It was night to see them in the ring for a straight up promo. No comedy, just both men defining what they were going to do and why they were going to do it. Cena needs to beat he Rock. The Rock has to beat Cena.

As for the match itself. The Rock showed us at survivor series that he still has it so ring rust wont be an issue. When Cena is on form, he can oull a good match out of the bag. Will it be the greatest match of all time? Probably not. Can it be a really good match? Yes it can. What I really hope and I think other fans hope to is that WWE don’t mess this up. This match was booked a year ago. It has had almost 365 days build. Please do not ruin it by giving us a stupid finish. There has to be a clear cut winner in the match. It doesn’t need any interference. The match is about Cena and The Rock, that is all you need. Ending should be legit. Pinfall or submission. Nothing else is needed. WWE have done something good here. The match has been booked for a year and people are still interested. Please don’t ruin it now. Just let them wrestle and let the crowd go crazy. That crowd will be crazy and it will make for a great atmoshere.

Picking the the winner is another heart and head moment. My heart wants Rock to destryo Cena. My head on the other hand is telling me that it’s right for Cena to win. Here we go. John Cena will beat The Rock and Wrestlemania will end with the both of them shaking hands in the middle of the ring. It pains me to type that.

Winner – John Cena

If you could add one match to the card, what would it be?

I said it during the Royal Rumble and Elimination chamber predictions. The tag team champions need exposure on live television. Primo and Epico should face The Usos. Just give them ten minutes and let them put on a show. The tag division is never going to grow if the WWE wont allow it to grow. The tag team championships are pretty much worthless at this moment in time. It wont do any harm to feature the champions on a PPV to try and bring a little bit of prestige back. It’s going to be a long road to revive the tag division but WWE has to start somewhere

Which match will steal the show?

For me, the match that I think will steal the show will be CM Punk vs Jericho. As I said in my match prediction. I love the fact that it’s going to be a wrestling match. Fans have called for more wrestling and less gimmicky stuff and wrestling is what we shall get on Sunday. I don’t do star ratings or anything like that but if I did I would expect it to be up there with the four or five star matches. I think a lot of the matches on the card can be possible maych of the year candidates but I trust Punk and Jerichio to dome something amazing. Punk and Jericho will steal the show.

Will you be ordering this PPV?

As always I’ll be watching with friends. Nice way to split the price of a PPV. Easter holidays too so I don’t need to worry about Monday morning. Pizza, beer and four hours of wrestling. 12am to 4am. You can call me crazy but Wrestlemania is worth it. Wrestlemania is best watched with people. You can never compare to the atmosphere in the stadium but at least if you’re watching with a group of people you get a tiny bit of atomosphere in the room. Beer will be spilt and pizza dropped. I feel sorry for whoever is cleaning it up but it’s totally worth it for Wrestlemania. Only comes around once a year and this one has the potentiol to be one of the best.


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