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The Bad Guys


Hello everyone. Once again it’s time for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. As always I come to you from that little Island known as The United Kingdom and I’m here once again to share with you my thoughts about the wacky world of pro wrestling. I would again like to express my apologies regarding the lateness. My intentions are always to post it on Sundays, but over the past few weeks due to circumstances beyond my control, I’ve been unable to. But that’s enough about me and I’m sure you’re not reading this to hear about my problems. Lets get into this. Everyone grab yourself a hot cup of tea and read my ramblings about the crazy subject of professional wrestling. Please, try not to fall asleep.

Today, I want to write about the bad guys of professional wrestling, more commonly know as “heels.” I want to discuss this apparent fascination that fans have with bad guys. Although they are portrayed as bad guys, they have no perception of good or bad. They will do whatever it takes to win a match. No matter how despicable their actions are, they will do anything it takes to get that victory. Things like distracting the referee so a partner can cheat for them or sometimes they will blatantly cheat just to get disqualified as long as they hurt their opponent. These people are portrayed to be evil and to pull that off they have to be seen to do terrible things like cheating or attacking people from behind. They just have to be evil in every which way possible. Some of them are given a real difficult job because as fans we need to remember that these people aren’t actors. They’re wrestlers that have to develop their acting ability. To some it may come natural, but others will have to work hard to get it right. Their job is to make everyone in the arena and everyone at home to hate them. It’s a very difficult job to get that reaction from everyone. Especially in present day wrestling when everything is no longer black and white. We have good guys getting booed and bad guys getting cheers. As I’ve mentioned often wrestling at it’s best is when it follows the simple formula of good versus bad and you as a fan need to be able to see that contrast between good and bad. You need that clean cut good guy but you also need that extra element that a despicable individual brings.

More so now, we as fans tend to be more fascinated with the bad guys. It seems that heel character has so many layers and dimensions to the character. He’s not just a good guy who comes out every week, proclaiming how much he loves the fans and how much he loves wrestling. Faces do all tend to be similar where as they are many different varieties of heels. Look now, we have Daniel Bryan who is pulling this idea of being a chicken shit heel, who swaggers around the place just acting like a dick. He just manages to find an escape route each time which gives him more reason to be a dick. We have somebody like Kane who is a monster who will attack anybody he wants. He doesn’t need a reason. He’ll beat you up just because he can. He’s intimidating, he’s a maniac. We have someone like Mark Henry who is a big guy. His presence, his stature intimidates you. His aggression intimidates you. Three examples, but there are many more. Three characters that work in different ways but each produce the same element of a bad person.

I’m not sure if this is just me, but as I’ve got older I have found myself to be cheering more and more for the bad guys. I can remember back to when I first started watching wrestling, I was the total complete wrestling kid. I would cheer for every good guy on the card. I would annoyed if a good guy lost, I would be disgusted if a bad guys cheated. If my favorite lost I was practically heart broken. But now. I do cheer for the bad guys more than I do the faces. There are some good guys that I do like CM Punk and Randy Orton but something about the bad guys just makes me happier. Is it because I’m getting older? Or is it because I’m going against what the WWE wants me to do? It’s an interesting concept. I want to mention John Cena for a moment. After he transitioned from the rapper and was approaching the main event he pretty much had the backing of everyone. But then as 2006/2007 came in it started to turn and the boos started to be heard and got louder and louder. Let’s bring Hulk Hogan into this. I’m not comparing him to Cena by the way. But if you stuck an in prime Hulk Hogan into the present day WWE would he be loved by everyone like he was in the 1980’s? Or was Hulk so big that he would be universally loved by all.

Maybe it’s just the time we’re in. Do fans like myself just want to go against what the WWE wants. If you look at Wrestlemania. Sheamus versus Bryan. Sheamus is the good guy and Bryan is the bad guy. But there will be this small element of fans who will make their voices heard at Wrestlemania and will be cheering for Bryan. You could Argue that it will be his Ring of Honor fans but there is no doubt he has his fan base. Lets move on to Jericho versus Punk. No matter what Jericho does people still love him. He’ll have his fans at Wrestlemania and you will be able to hear them. Maybe it’s because he’s a veteran and he’s respected but he is the bad guy and he will be cheered. Cody Rhodes and Big Show is another example. Cody has his fan base. Cody, Jericho and Bryan. These are portrayed as bad people, but they do have the fan base out there who will cheer for them.

I like this happening. In my opinion it does make the matches more interesting. If both competitors have a fan base it makes for a much more exciting match. The crowd is so passionate with the dueling chants. It just adds to the atmosphere to what already looks like a good Wrestlemania. It just seems that this faction of people going against the WWE is growing and it’s making a much more exciting landscape. There don’t want it. WWE says cheer him, they say no we’ll boo him. In the 80’s and 90’s the WWE could do it but as fans grow up and become more knowledgeable, they make their own decisions. It’s completely your right to cheer and boo for whoever you want. Within the last ten years. Fans have just pulled towards these bad characters.

I want your views guys. Is it the fact that we’re getting older? Deep down are we rebelling against what WWE wants? You tell me. I want to hear your views. Who do you cheer for? Who do you boo? How do you decide? Is it ring work? Do you follow them from promotion to promotion? Let me know.

That’s it for today. Time for the plugs.

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Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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