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The Streak


Hello everyone. Once again it’s time for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. As always I come to you from that little Island known as The United Kingdom and I’m here once again to share with you my thoughts about the wacky world of pro wrestling. Well I say pro wrestling. You all know I mean WWE. I’m not the first person covering this topic and I certainly wont be the last, But I thought I’d share this with you now rather than the week before Wrestlemania when practically every columnist will be discussing it. I am of course talking about the streak.

Is the streak going to end? Now I could ask you all that same question every day and every day I would get the answer. The answer is of course, no. But for thirty minutes every year, we allow ourselves to believe that it could end. Right now, I’m adamant that Undertaker will win at wrestlemania. But ask me again during the match and I couldn’t give you a definitive answer. But I love the doubt in my mind and I love the doubt in the mind of the live crowd. They all know the prestige that the streak holds. For me. The Undertaker’s matches with HBK and HHH were the only matches that have made me “mark out” And I hate using those words because as a fan it doesn’t feel right to use them. But those were the matches where I simply forgot about everything else. All I heard was the audience and the commentary. All I saw was the action. Nothing else mattered.

We have a world title match. We have a WWE title match but, the streak has so much more meaning in the present landscape of WWE. Titles change hands often but the streak has this quality which just forces people to invest their emotions so much. When Undertaker is down and the referee is about to slap his hand on the mat for the third time, I feel so passionate. My brain is telling me this is it. The streak is gone. Then, that final moment when he lifts his shoulder off the mat, I get a feeling that is very hard to describe. A feeling which I never get watching any other WWE match. The last few years with Michaels and now HHH, the matches have actually drained me. And I’m not sat in an arena with seventy thousand people. I’m sat in a house with maybe three or four other people but yet it still does drain me. For the whole year I convince myself that the streak wont be killed. Deep down we all know it. But WWE deserves a lot of credit with this, in particular, so does Undertaker and whoever his opponent may be. But they do something amazing. They fool me, But that doesn’t annoy me. I’m glad they do. They fool me into believing that something that I’m convinced will never happen is actually about to happen.

I want you to look at these possible headlines (These aren’t predictions, just to help my point)

Chris Jericho beats CM Punk for the WWE championship
Daniel Bryan beats Sheamus to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena beats The Rock
HHH beats Undertaker – The streak is ended

You could argue that Cena beats Rock is the bigger headline. To me, the headline that would stand out is that the streak is over. In my honest opinion it would be bigger than Hogan slamming Andre. It would be the biggest wrestlemania moment of all time. Just say for example that the streak ended this year, wrestlemania 28 wouldn’t be remembered for Cena versus Rock. It would be remembered for being the night the streak ended. That’s how much power the streak has. It would be the biggest wrestling story for years. It’s quite frankly amazing how a pre determined scripted streak can evoke so much passion from a group of people, but that is what it does. For that short period of time every wrestlemania when we feel that it might happen. With every finisher and near fall we believe. Its the fundamental basis of wrestling. Getting the fans to emotionally invest in a story and every year with the streak thats what we do. The streak doesn’t need a complex story. The streak is the story. It doesn’t need twists and turns. It’s about a man who is unbeaten and another man who wants to beat it. A simple story which everyone can follow.

No offense to guys like Batista, Orton and others that have came before them. But what also helps me feel that the streak can end is the quality of opponent. Undertaker versus Shawn Michaels at 25 and 26 were not only the matches of the night but also matches of the year. Undertaker versus HHH at 27 was also match of the night and only lost out to match of year to Cena versus Punk and Money in the bank. These are just my opinions by the way. I know other people have different opinions to me. But to me, the streak has looked to be in the greatest jeopardy over the past 3 years. I think that does have something to do with the opponents being HBK and HHH. As I mentioned the viewers need to believe that the streak can be broken and with guys like Batista and Mark Henry, you didn’t believe. But then you hear the name HBK being mentioned and you start to think. But you know the streak will stay alive but the amazing in ring work of Undertaker and HBK made you doubt yourself. I don’t get how they manage to do it but they somehow they do.

With HHH last year, I thought it was over. When HHH hit that Tombstone, I was convinced that was it. Even daring to pin using The Undertaker’s ever so famous pose. I was sure that it was over. When he kicked out, I jumped out of my seat. I’m not big on swearing but I remember clearly saying “what the F**K” Then seeing HHH locked in the Hellsgate. Sledgehammer in hand, I was expecting a blow to the head, But then it dropped and then what felt like an age later, he tapped. After that match I felt like I needed a cigarette it was that intense. Hell I don’t even smoke but that match got me so worked up. I became so enthralled in the streak. In a few weeks time, I get to go through it all again. I can’t wait.

So ask me the question now. Will the streak end? No it wont. Ask me during the match at Wrestlemania. I’ll tell you I don’t know. Ask me after Wrestlemania. I’ll say no it wont. All I know is that come Wresltemania, I once again will be sitting on a sofa getting caught up in the emotion and drama off the streak. You can have your movies. Each near fall will be our car chase. You can take your soap operas, each finisher will be our murder. I don’t need movies or soaps or any other type of outlet. All the drama and suspense I need will be in Miami. It’s all the action I need.

Thats it for today. Time for the plugs.

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Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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