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Looking at HHH/Undertaker/HBK


Hello everybody, Sunday is once again upon us which means it’s time for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. But wait. You all know it’s not Sunday. At the time of writing it is Tuesday. Okay, lets cut a long story short. I’ve had severe internet issues over the weekend which left me unable to post my column on Sunday as originally planned. But now it’s back and fully operational which means you can all once again get your weekly dose tea from across the pond. Once again, I’d like to say thanks to the people who sent me feedback regarding last weeks column. Enough about me. Lets get into this. Everybody pour yourself some tea and enjoy my ramblings.

Last years Wrestlemania match between HHH and Undertaker garnered a mixed reaction from fans. Some loved it and hailed it as a five star classic. Others hated it, labeled it as boring and overrated. I’m not a big fan of star ratings but in my own personal opinion, I think it was a fantastic match. Considering both guys are in their forties. They’ve both had surgery and came back. To perform at the level they did was amazing. I respect the opinions of every fan but I don’t see how the match can be criticized. Lets fast forward eleven months to the present day. HHH and Undertaker are weeks away from doing it all over again. Only this time the going all guns blazing with a Hell in a cell. Guess what? It’s going to be amazing

People question how a Hell in a Cell match can take place on PG rated product. If you think back to when WWE first went PG. Undertaker and Edge had a Hell in a Cell match not long after and it was a very enjoyable match worked within the PG restrictions. The way I see it is that HHH and Undertaker have been in so many Hell in a Cell matches between them. They both get how it works. These two guys are well established veterans who know how a match works. The cell is a gimmick and these are the two people who probably best know how to work the gimmick of Hell in a Cell. You also take in the factor that Shawn Michaels being the referee and how he will play into the match. I’ll touch on Shawn a little later but between the three people who will be in the ring at Wrestlemania. They all know what is needed to put on a good match inside a cell.

The only thing that would concern be with the match is the no blood policy WWE currently has. I’m not saying it will happen, but if one or both people competing were to be accidently bust open, would the match have to stop for the trainers to clean them up? It’s only a small chance it could happen, but that could severely damage the match if an interval had to occur due to blood. I’m certain that plans are put in place to deal with problems but the last thing I want see is the cell door open and to have trainers mopping up blood. We’re meant to believe that these men want to go at it. If HHH was so determined to end the streak, would he allow trainers to clean up Undertaker? Hell no. He would be finishing him off. I’m probably thinking too much here, like I said the chances are it wont happen.

Having Shawn as the referee brings a whole new dimension to the match. Shawn claims he is at peace with his life right now but as we saw on Raw yesterday. He claims he knows who is going to win the match. It opens to question to whether or not he is going to be a fair official during the match. Will he take the ultimate revenge on the man who retired him by helping his best friend end the streak? Or will he deprive his best friend of victory? Maybe the fact that he couldn’t end the streak finally got to him. Maybe he thinks that if he couldn’t end the streak, then he’ll make sure that HHH wont be the guy to do it. Shawn is of course Mr Wrestlemania. He could help make history this year. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What I love about this story is the fact that it’s consisted of long term planning. Even after last year, rumors began as to who would face Undertaker and the strong favorite was HHH. At Wrestlemania 27, HHH wanted revenge on Undertaker for retiring HBK. With the inclusion of HBK, this story ties back to Wrestlemania 26. Now I’m not claiming that this has been planned for two years because honestly I don’t know. Maybe it just feels that way because the issues with HBK/HHH/Undertaker aren’t just about the streak. The focal point is the streak but we also have the “end of an era” deal going in which gives the story that little bit extra intensity that it may of lacked last year. Like I said earlier. This match will be amazing. It has all the ingredients needed for an awesome match. Two awesome wrestlers going at it in a cell with a referee with a good enough motive to screw both of them. I just get the feeling something spectacular is going to happen.

I think that’s just about it for todays column. I will of course be back on Sunday with my scheduled column. So you’re getting two doses of tea this week.

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Until next time. Thanks for reading.


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