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Rumble and Chamber Values


Hello everybody. Sunday is upon once again. That means only one thing. It’s time for another fun filled edition of tea time with Liam. Coming to you as always from the magical land called The United Kingdom. Tonight, we have a late edition, due to the fact that I fell asleep before typing this. Technically it’s already Monday morning for me but we’re going to ignore that and just pretend its Sunday still. Grab yourself a steaming mug of tea, sit back and relax.

First off, I would like to admit that I made a mistake last week. I claimed that Santino Marella had no business being in the elimination chamber match. The crowd loved him last Sunday and if anything, he was the standout performer in the match. I have no problem admitting when I was wrong and in this case I certainly was. I have to give him credit because last week I slated him but he proved me wrong. Anyhow, that’s enough of talking about my mistakes, lets move on to the column.

How does a WWE superstar get to main event wrestlemania? When I say main event I actually mean main event. The last match of the night that closes the biggest show of the year. If you listen to what WWE tells you. The winner of the Royal Rumble is the man who main events wrestlemania. So with that thought, that means Sheamus would main event wrestlemania this year against Daniel Bryan. But of course we all know that Sheamus versus Bryan is not the main event of Wrestlemania. Last year Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble. Did he get to main event wrestlemania. Of course he didn’t. He opened the show with the his world title match against Edge. Speaking of Edge. He won the Royal Rumble in 2010. Did he main event wrestlemania that year? No he didn’t. The last time a Rumble winner actually went on the close wrestlemania was Randy Orton in 2009. In 2008, when Cena won the Rumble, he used his title shot at No Way Out, not wrestlemania.

I’m not sure if this bothers other fans. But it does annoy me. The Royal Rumble is billed as the first step on the road to wrestlemania. For years now we’re told that the Rumble winner will main event wrestlemania. It just doesn’t happen anymore. The main event of this years wrestlemania was made a year in advance, but the WWE was still feeding the fans the same line that the winner gets to main event wrestlemania when actually we and the WWE all know that’s it’s not true. Now I understand that the WWE sees its world title matches as co main events but to me the main event will always be the match that closes the show. The WWE is devaluing winning the rumble by constantly changing what it means to win. If the winner’s prize is to main event wrestlemania then why isn’t that person main eventing wrestlemania?

But now, if you don’t win the Rumble. There is a chance that you may still have your wrestlemania match. All you have to do is go through the Elimination Chamber. If you win you get your wrestlemania match. If you lose, you’re screwed. But let’s take a look at this. This year, the world champion won the smackdown chamber and the WWE champion won the Raw chamber. So where does that leave the wrestlemania championship matches? Sheamus has targeted Bryan. So how can the Raw title match be decided? I’ve got an awesome idea. Why not do a battle royale on Raw to decide (note the sarcasm) So we’ve went from the Royal Rumble to the elimination chamber to a battle Royale on Monday Night Raw. So not only are the WWE devaluing the Rumble by not having the winner main event mania. They’re also devaluing the Elimination Chamber by allowing all the losers in that match to fight it out in a battle royale. This is the third chance for these guys to get their wrestlemania match.

Now don’t get me wrong. This year’s wrestlemania is shaping up very nicely and I am looking forward to it. I know Cena and Rock is huge and it makes sense for it to be the main event. I guess maybe I just miss the days when the Rumble winner was the main event. I don’t want the column to come off sounding like I’m ragging on the WWE because that isn’t my intention here. When it comes down to things. I’m just a fan. I know nothing of the inner workings of the WWE. It’s just sometimes the WWE frustrates me when it does certain things. Like billing the Royal Rumble as your chance to main event wrestlemania but not having the winner main event. The giving some of the losers two more shots to get a championship match. I never try to question booking because it’s not my place, but sometimes i do think to myself “Why the hell did that just happen?” Maybe it’s just a side affect of being an older fan. If I was a still kid these things wouldn’t bother me.

Let me know your thoughts. Does the Rumble winner not main eventing wrestlemania devalue the Rumble? Did Jericho winning the battle royale devalue the elimination chamber? Should the Rumble winner get to main event wrestlemania? Am I being harsh here or do I speak the truth?

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Until next week. Thank you for reading.


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