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Hello there everyone. Sunday is here once again. So we’re back for another edition of Tea Time with Liam. As always thank you for the feedback to last weeks article about a seasonal break in WWE. Since i began the columns the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I urge you to keep it coming. I take every comment on board. We’re going for a little something different this week. I couldn’t find one single topic that I wanted to discuss, so I’ve picked up a few bits of news from the last seven days and have provided my opinions on them. You might get this kind of column from me from time to time. With that being said. Let’s get this started.

Vince Russo is gone from TNA.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Your prayers have finally been answered. After waiting and hoping for so long, it has finally happened. All those countless posts on wrestling message boards. All your tweets and Facebook messages. Those videos on YouTube you all posted, willing for it to happen. You’ve all got what you wanted. TNA fans can finally combust with happiness. Vince Russo is gone, never to darken the door of TNA again. That’s it. With him gone, TNA will thrive. Ratings will go up. PPV buys will increase tenfold and pretty soon TNA will be the number one Wrestling promotion in the world. It will surely be a golden era rivaled by no other. God, I hope you readers can sense the sarcasm in those previous lines. I actually don have a question to lead from this. With Russo gone, Who will TNA fans blame next? This time next year when the ratings are still in the low 1.0 regions. What will be the excuse? Russo will have been gone for a year. Can’t blame him.

For the record, I hope TNA does succeed and I love the rational fans that TNA have. But for the fans who think that Russo leaving means that all the problems have been resolved need to put down whatever they’re smoking and look at the bigger picture. TNA has bigger problems than Russo, brother.

The Elimination Chamber PPV is tonight.

Only four matches announced as of this writing. I’m sure maybe one more will be added and used as a filler during the show. The Raw chamber will be a good one and the Cena vs Kane match should be fun. I wonder if Cena can get his tongue out of Eve’s mouth in time to start the match. For what it’s worth, Zack Ryder has been tweeting about Cena over the weekend. I doubt we’ll see him tonight, but if we’re really lucky, we might get to witness more Oscar caliber acting from Miss Eve Torres. This is the final PPV before Wrestlemania so WWE should be doing all they can to make this a good show. Chamber matches are hard to mess up, well apart from the horrendous December to Dismember, but we shouldn’t expect that tonight. At least I hope we don’t get that tonight.

Christian may be at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Oh God I hope this is true. Earlier today Christian hinted that he may be at the show after tweeting a postcard from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As I said in my Elimination chamber predictions which can be read Here. Christian returning could only make the Smackdown chamber better. Santino and Khali have no place being in that match. Khali can hardly move as it is, so restricting his movement to inside a chamber is just plain ridiculous. As for Santino, he hasn’t been funny for a long time. The world title doesn’t gain any prestige when a part timer and a comedy act are tussling over it. As a fan, I try not to question the WWE’s booking, because when it comes down to things. I am just a fan. But putting these two guys in the chamber is laughable. If Christian does not return, my only hope is that Khali and Santino are both eliminated early so as not to detract from what the other four guys can do.

Being a Vegan is awesome.

I can’t believe I just typed that but it’s true. Being a vegan is awesome, especially if your name happens to be Daniel Bryan. Not only does it give you super strength which enables you to concuss Randy Orton (Storyline explanation I know) but it also means you get to carry the delightfully attractive AJ on your arm whereever you go. Did you know being a vegan also gives you the ability to make giants cry. Now let me get this straight. If you are a vegan, you can concuss people, get an attractive girlfriend and reduce a giant to tears. If that doesn’t double the amount of Vegan cook books sold this year, I don’t know what will. I’m really loving Bryan’s transition from internet darling and the butt of Michael Cole’s jokes, into the I’m better than you because I’m vegan, chicken shit heel that he is right now. What I want to see from Bryan now is a weekly segment where he explains to the children in the audience where things like chicken nuggets really come from, Just to see the look of horror on their faces.

Shawn Michaels stole Raw….by talking.

On Raw this week. The segment between HHH and Michaels. I loved it. I don’t know what is was. Something just wouldn’t let me take my eyes of my TV. Maybe it was seeing Shawn back in a WWE ring. Something clicked in that segment. I wasn’t too sure about seeing HHH/Undertaker again but adding Shawn in gives the story some more depth. I loved HHH using the corporate lines instead of the wrestler lines. Trying to get across the dilemma that he has. I’m not sure how this will play out over the few weeks but unless WWE has a major Wrestlemania re shuffle. HHH/Taker will be happening. We all know HHH is going to give in eventually but what will lead him to do it. Or is he simply trying to get in Undertaker’s head. Is he making him wait. Letting him sweat it out. We all know Undertaker is the man when it comes to mind games. Maybe HHH is trying his own. Obviously they wont have any physical contact before Wrestlemania. WWE just have to be careful to avoid making this stale by delivering the same promo each week. Freshen it up to keep the interest of the fans.

That is going to be it for this week. Let me know what you think. If you enjoy this layout it could be a more regular occurrence. I’m still learning with each column and feel I’m getting better each week.

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Until next week. Thanks for reading.


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