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Respecting John Cena


Hello everybody, Sunday is once again upon us, which means it’s time for another fun filled edition of Tea Time with Liam. Once again this is coming to you from that little island known as The United Kingdom. I’m actually surprised I had time to write this column as I’ve spent the last 2 days playing in the snow. That’s how you can tell if you’re still a child at heart. When the snow falls, you still get that excited feeling in your stomach. Nice way to go off topic Liam As always I would like to thank everyone for the feedback I received on last weeks column. It seems that the majority of you agree that Teddy Long is no longer needed on Smackdown. Please keep the feedback coming. I enjoy reading each and every piece of feedback I receive and try my hardest to respond to each person. Almost time for the column.

Just one more thing, the Superbowl takes place tonight. By the time this is posted, it may even be underway. Even though I’m British. I am indeed a fan of the NFL (Go Browns.) I’m going with the Patriots to pull out the win tonight. With everything now in order, time for the column.

This may be an understatement, but the subject of John Cena divides the opinion of people. He has the people who adore him and the people who hate him. He divides the opinion WWE fans. But the fact that he divides opinion is great for the WWE. His fans will tune in to see their hero prevail and his haters will tune in in the hope of watching him get his butt kicked.

This is why Cena is good for the WWE. He gets a reaction where ever his is be it positive or negative. The fact that there is youtube, facebook, myspace accounts dedicated to hating the guts of John Cena is unbelievable. But that is what he does to his audience. He either makes them so happy, or so angry. Lets move back a while to his feud with Randy Orton a few years ago. I’ll be the first to admit that i was getting sick of the site of those two guys main eventing PPV after PPV, but the matches that those two guys had were actually pretty good. And the matches themselves were helped by the atmosphere created by the fans in the arena. The dual chants of “Lets go Cena” and then “Lets go Orton. Or “Lets go Cena” and then “Cena Sucks.”

Cena gets these dual chants in pretty much any match he has right now. It seems that his die hard haters will chant for anybody who is standing opposite him in the ring. People argue that Cena has gotten boring and his character has become stale. I agree with that. I would like to see some kind of edge to his character. It seems that we are getting that with his current storyline with Kane. As i stated in a recent column, I think the storyline is a way to make him look more serious going into Wrestlemania. His fans don’t want to see him change. They’ll buy his merchandise and pay to watch him compete because they want to see their favorite. The fact is, this stale and boring version of Cena still gets the biggest reception from the crowd each and every week. And when you see him perform in the ring, you know he’s giving everything he has to put on a good show.

Speaking of Cena’s in ring ability. The major argument among his haters is the claim that he only has a limited moveset and is carried through the majority of his matches by his opponent. My counter argument for that would to bring up the fact that guys like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, The Rock, Stone cold and many more fan favorites also had limited movesets. But yet these guys were also adored by millions of people. What Cena lacks in the ring, he makes up in his charisma. And by charisma, i don’t mean on the level that Hogan and Rock had. Yet Cena does have enough to make his character work. He has the charisma to work the fans. Remember back to the time when he was “fired” from the WWE. The moment when he asked his fans to chant “lets go Cena” and his haters to chant “Cena sucks.” Cena knows himself that he splits the fans. Vince McMahon also know it. And he also knows that it’s great for his company.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Cena fan by anymeans. Do i hate the guy? No, I’ve never met him. Do i dislike his character? Yes i do. But i can also appreciate the things that he does the WWE. He’s in his mid thirties. If he stays healthy, he’s got a number of years still left at the top of his game. Will his character change between now and then? Probably. The way i see it. John Cena is the #1 guy in the WWE right now and with the exception of maybe CM Punk it doesn’t look like anybody is even close to taking his spot. He does the most movies. He does the TV interviews. He grants the wishes. Anything that he does in the WWE gets a reaction. And that can only be a good thing.

Time for the plugs.

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